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Internet Applications
Internet Applications vertical comprises a secure public portal for enhanced connectivity and collaboration between the citizens and the House. Key stakeholders are the public and parliament/legislative members.

Intranet Applications
Intranet Applications vertical provides a closed and secure network that facilitates the uninterrupted functioning of the House and enables seamless collaboration of the Parliament or Assembly officers and the Hon’ble Members.

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications vertical provides quick and instant connectivity through mobile technology. Public and Hon’ble members connect to the system on the go without any delays.
About Us

SBL is a pioneer in providing exceptional digital transformation services for law-making bodies to establish strong and efficient governance that enhances democratic values. Our core focus is on providing an outstanding digital experience to the law-making bodies through our unique style of incorporating disruptive technological advancements like AI and ML in the law-making process.

eParliament, the copyrighted product of SBL, facilitates the transformation of law-making bodies into completely high-tech and paperless institutions. By eliminating paper usage in the House, we bring measurable benefits to the law-making bodies through increased operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and positive environmental impacts.

We are certified for ISO 90012015 (Quality certified), ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 (Information Security Management System). With an experience of 15 years and 200+ clients across the globe, our dedicated workforce of 1000+ people caters to customers in 10 industry verticals.

We can say with utmost pride and confidence, “We deliver what we promise!”

We were instrumental in implementing the first high-tech digital parliament in the world through the end-to-end digitalization of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (eVidhaan).

The eParliament solution implemented in HP (eVidhaan), has been a major success and is functioning without any disruptions for the last 6 years.

eParliament has won accolades and received appreciation from many parliaments across the globe for its innovativeness, agility, and rich user experience.

Our prestigious solution has been awarded the Highest Civil Service by the Government of Himachal Pradesh. It is also selected as a mission mode project by the Government of India.

Unmatchable Benefits of eParliament

  • Streamlines the interactions between Hon'ble Members of the House, various department officials, public, and media personnel.
  • Enhances the Legislation Process effectively by reducing the usage of paper & redundant processes and by making information readily available for the stakeholders.
  • Eliminates paper usage completely and achieves around 70 % increase in operational efficiency and approximately 50 % improvement in time management.
  • A greater level of citizen engagement through mobile technology and public portal for grievance management.
  • Improves information availability through a powerful document management system that provides the right information in the right hands at the right time.
  • Establishes an eco-friendly parliament that functions without using paper and welcomes significant environmental benefits. The eParliament saves hundreds of thousands of trees, conserves billions of gallons of water, reduces millions of tonnes of carbon footprint, and increases the oxygen levels.
  • Fully customizable according to the specific requirements of the law-making bodies across the globe. The multilingual facility enables usage of local language on the platform.
  • Multiplatform support for smooth integration with the existing applications in the parliament.
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eParliament Solution

A disruptive solution to facilitate the digital transformation of the law-making bodies through innovative state-of-the-art technology for achieving increased operational efficiency and better time management.
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Why Choose Us
  • Ever-Evolving & Innovative SBL provides a scalable and flexible solution to match the demands of the ever-evolving digital world. We have a clear roadmap for development and update the core features regularly with the latest technological innovations such as AI and ML for providing a superior digital experience to the law-making bodies. We believe in continuous innovation to create solutions that build an efficient and responsible law-making process.
  • Cost Saving The eParliament is a one-time investment with no recurring costs on licensing and other aspects. There are no annual maintenance charges or hidden costs.
  • Knowledge & Experience Our dedicated research and development division is involved in a continuous learning process and conducts an in-depth study of the functioning of the various law-making bodies. The research team constantly interacts with different parliaments across the globe to gather detailed insight into their functioning and incorporate innovative features in the product.
  • Turnkey & Guaranteed Future Support SBL’s business model is deeply rooted in the philosophy - “success through partnership”. The success of eParliament rests in the partnership and knowledge transfer we extend to the law-making bodies.
    We develop and deploy a customized solution that is fully functional and handover the key of the final product while simultaneously transferring the functional and technical know-how to IT officials of the parliament and the local IT companies. The knowledge transfer equips the law-making bodies to manage the product with minimum supervision from SBL and reduces their dependency, a prime reason for the acceptance of eParliament.
  • Open Stack Platform SBL guarantees value for investment through an OpenStack platform that offers zero recurring charges by eliminating the annual fees and other hidden expenses.
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